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About the Woodwright

Tavis Reché

Tavis has lived in Idaho for the majority of his life and now resides with his wife Brooke, daughter Abby and son Morgan on their five acre tree farm in Eagle, Idaho.

If you ask Tavis why he started woodworking he will tell you that he has always believed it was important to posses and preserve an old-world skill and woodworking had always intrigued him. In part because he feels that the pieces he creates will live on through generations to come.

From garden benches and patio tables to traditionally built Windsor chairs Tavis has built his woodworking knowledge and experience over the past 10 years.

A turning point in his fine furniture endeavor was when he built a five piece bedroom set for his wife. This is when he learned that quality and workmanship are the difference between a good piece of furniture and a great piece of furniture. As he progressed through each piece of furniture he gradually developed a sharpened eye for using the grain and other personalities of the wood to enhance the look and feel of the furniture. The difference is something you may not consciously notice, however it shines through in his rocking chairs today.

He took the opportunity to learn more about traditional woodworking years ago through training in New Hampshire at the Windsor Institute. There he learned the craft in its rawest form. He made a Windsor chair using only hand tools and the methods used when Windsors were first developed some 50 years before America was even a country. Many of the traditional hand tools and techniques he discovered and mastered while making Windsor chairs enhances his ability to set his rocking chairs apart from the rest.

Building a ‘Maloof’ style rocking chair himself was something Tavis wanted to do from the first time he saw one of Sam Maloof’s chairs in a magazine. He believed it was a challenge and in fact, it was one of those things he had on his list (the list of things you want to do before you die).

It took him a year to figure out how to build that first rocking chair, but he thoroughly enjoyed the journey and the time in the workshop. So much so that he was determined to figure out a way to escape the high-tech business world that he was all to familiar with to begin building unique custom rocking chairs for a living.